About Me…

I am a Professor in Instructional Design & Technology. I regard myself as a researcher interested in performance measurement, assessment, and improvement of training and learning using serious games and other virtual environments. (Yes, there is a difference between training and learning and I lean more towards training.)

How do people make decisions or problem-solve in serious games? Do their in-game behaviors inform us about how they make decision during learning? 

Towards that end, I have developed an assessment framework for the assessment with serious games called, Information Trails. The framework was first published in a book edited by David Gibson (2006). I received a provisional patent for the framework in July 2007. I was awarded the prestigious Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) grant (U.S. Army Research Office, 2009) to create the Virtual Environment Lab (V-Lab). In Sep 2012, a breakthrough in the statistical process for Information Trails has finally allowed me to apply Information Trails to the field of Serious Games Analytics. Since 2013, I have focused my research in serious games analytics. Then in 2016, I started looking into expanding the virtual environment to include virtual reality, which change the lab into Virtual Environment & Reality Lab (still named, V-Lab).

Among these pages, you can find more information about my publications, my edited book, my research projects, the Virtual Environment Lab, the games we made, the Information Trails performance assessment framework and the visualization tool developed by me and my research team. And yes, without a dedicated team of (current and past) student researchers at the V-LAB, many of the projects will simply not be possible. So Kudos, team!

Here’s a shout-out to those who have lend their assistance (in alphabetical order):

  • I-Hung Li (Instructional Technology/Software Engineering)
  • Zhou Ting (Instructional Technology)
  • JaeHwan Byun (Instructional Technology) — now Professor at Wichita State.
  • Aaron Ekstrand (Software Engineering) — graduated in 2016 (M.Eng.)
  • Joe Lenox (Computer Science) — graduated in 2016 (Ph.D.)
  • Arnond Anantachai (Computer Science) — graduated in 2010 (M.S.)