Courses Taught

I have designed, developed, and taught the following courses successfully at my research institution: Professor (Aug 2016 – present) Associate Professor (Aug 2011 – Jul 2016), Assistant Professor (Aug 2004 – Jul 2010).

Learning Systems Design & Technology Courses

The following are courses that I developed from 2012 to 2015, most of them are face-to-face, some are blended:

  • Systematic Design of Instruction (2015, 2016, Core Class) – detailed analysis and systematic design of instructional materials/resources for new learning (e.g., flipped classrooms).
  • Assessment and Learning using Virtual Environments (F2F, 2017) – readings of learning assessment involving virtual environments such as serious games, augmented reality. Student may choose to develop game document or create a ‘game mod’ as serious games with assessment.
  • Content & Learning Management Systems for e-Learning (F2F, BL, 2016) – Capstone: Professional portfolio for job hunting with CMS and e-learning portfolio with LMS
  • Task Analysis and Usability (F2F, BL, OL, 2016) – Task analysis and usability in interaction design for cognition and learning
  • Foundations of Learning Systems Design & Technology (F2F, Fall semester) – epistemology and learning theories (covering perspectives from instructional systems design, learning science, and human performance technology)
  • Instructional Development Studios I & II – (F2F, contract, Fall/Spring semester) design and development of e-Learning modules with Photoshop, Audition, Adobe Captivate
  • Analytics and Performance (Under Development) – foundations and research methodologies for analytics and data visualization for digital learning environments, including e learning, mobile apps, and serious games.

Instructional Design & Technology Courses

These are the courses I developed under the old program from 2004 to 2011.

  • Assessment and Learning Using Virtual Environments
  • Advanced Research in Games and Simulations
  • Designing Digital Games and Simulations
  • Advanced Development of Interactive Learning System
  • Making Video Games for Classroom Learning
  • Instructional Authoring Tools I (Dreamweaver/Firework/Flash/Photoshop)
  • Development of online Database